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Technology Startup Scene, Washington, DC

posted Jul 15, 2013, 1:31 PM by Info@ Whitaker
There is a lot going on the Washington, DC metropolitan area in terms of startups. We've had discussions with a number of people who have been looking to connect with the startup scene--incubators, innovators, disruptors, etc. Here's a quick list of groups and meetings that come to mind that are worth exploring. Note that this is not intended to be inclusive--it is only a very small fraction of activity in this area--and it is focused on technology markets. If you have any additions or corrections, please let us know.

1776: an incubator in downtown DC, they promise to provide mentorship, corporate connections, access to capital, media attention, and a pipeline of top talent. Founded in January 2013, startups are charged per seat. Hosts various evening events.

Affinity Lab: Affinity Lab calls itself an entrepreneurial launch pad serving a rich community of Washington DC businesses, non-profits and start-ups. The Lab manages the shared operational needs of its member organizations. Hosts various evening events.

AOL Fishbowl Labs: Owned by AOL, Fishbowl Labs offers startups the opportunity to work on the AOL campus (one of the biggest drawbacks is the site's isolation). There is no fee for participating, but startups must have raised $250,000 and may only stay for six months.

Chicago Booth DC Entrepreneurial Advisory Group: Organized by Matt Whitaker, this group typically meets in the evening of the third Wednesday of the month in downtown DC to listen and offer feedback to local entrepreneurs. No fee for attending.

Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship: Part of george Mason University, the Center says that it identifies, prepares, and empowers the next generation of social entrepreneurs. In addition to offering degrees, the Center also runs various conferences. Located in Arlington.

Mobile Development DC (MoDev): MoDevDC originated as a MeetUp in suburban DC organized by Pete Erikson. MoDev hosts frequent events, targeted at the developer community, and has recently expanded overseas. Some events are free, some cost to attend.

Mobile Monday DC (MoMoDC): MoMoDC is one of over 100 MoMo chapters throughout the world.  MoMoDC says it is an open forum for mobile professionals and enthusiasts in the Washington, DC area. The group has frequent free events in downtown DC.