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Company history.
Whitaker Associates was formed in 1991 after the founder, Stuart M. Whitaker, had had a variety of experiences in telecommunications, in order to deliver a range of services to businesses. Stuart has provided financial analysis, strategic analysis, operations support, and litigation support.
Stuart has made significant contributions to deregulating telecommunications markets in the US and in Europe, providing great consumer benefits and providing tremendous opportunities for competitive telecommunications and information service firms. Current areas of interest also include sustainability, including transportation, emissions, and energy.
Here are a few of our past clients.
- Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3);
- Inter-American Development Bank;
- Canadian Trade Commission;
- Capital Project Strategies;
- AT&T;
- U S West;
- US Navy;
- Lockheed Martin;
- British Telecom;
- Northern Telecom;
- NTT;
- Capital Asset Planning;
- Information Age Economics;
- Wickwire Gavin.